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Julian Holland

London Fashion Week 2023 with Schwarzkopf at Malan Breton

By September 15, 2023March 13th, 2024No Comments

Strutting the Runway: Hannah and Georgia’s Journey to London Fashion Week 2023 with Schwarzkopf at Malan Breton

For any hairstylist, the opportunity to showcase their skills on the grand stage of London Fashion Week is a dream come true. Let’s take a closer look at their journey from the salon floor to the spotlight of London Fashion Week 2023.

The Call to Glamour: The Malan Breton Collection.

The journey began with a call from Schwarzkopf that echoed with the excitement of glamour and high fashion.  Julian Holland, the founder of Hair @ Hesslewood’s, received an invitation for the salon to participate in the Malan Breton show at London Fashion Week. Recognizing the opportunity to showcase the salon’s talent on an international platform, Julian handpicked Senior Stylist Hannah and Top Stylist Georgia for this prestigious endeavor.

As the excitement built, Hannah and Georgia dove into intensive preparation. Schwarzkopf’s cutting-edge products and commitment to innovation aligned seamlessly with the salon’s ethos of delivering top-tier hairstyling.

The Vision Unveiled: Translating Malan Breton’s Aesthetic

Malan Breton, the esteemed fashion designer known for his luxurious and sophisticated creations, presented an opportunity for the Schwarzkopf team to translate his vision into hairstyles that complemented his collection. The collaborative process involved understanding Malan Breton’s aesthetic, incorporating the latest trends, and infusing their own creative flair into the looks that would grace the runway.

Backstage Buzz: A Glimpse into the Chaos and Creativity

The backstage of London Fashion Week is a whirlwind of energy, creativity, and last-minute adjustments. Hannah and Georgia found themselves in the midst of this organised chaos, working seamlessly with the Schwarzkopf team to bring the envisioned hairstyles to life. The duo showcased their versatility and skill under the pressure of a live runway show.

As the models strutted down the runway adorned with Malan Breton’s exquisite designs and hairstyling masterpieces. The spotlight on London Fashion Week 2023 wasn’t just an achievement for the salon; it was a testament to the dedication, creativity, and collaborative spirit of Hannah and Georgia.

The Aftermath: Reflecting on a Triumph

As the curtain closed on London Fashion Week 2023, Hannah and Georgia returned to the salon with a newfound sense of accomplishment. The experience not only elevated their skills but also inspired the salon’s team and clients.

Looking Forward: A Glimpse into Future Runways

The journey to London Fashion Week 2023 was not just a milestone but a launchpad for the future. As Hannah and Georgia continue to evolve as stylists, their experience at London’s Fashion week serves as a reminder of the limitless possibilities that await those who dare to dream big.

In conclusion, Hannah and Georgia’s journey from the salon floor to London Fashion Week 2023 at the Malan Breton show exemplifies the heights that talent, dedication, and collaboration can achieve. From the initial call to the runway’s triumphant finale, their story is one of passion, skill, and the realisation of dreams. As Julian Holland, Hair @ Hesslewood, continues to make waves in the hairstyling world, the spotlight on London Fashion Week is not just a memory but a promise of more glamorous runways to come.